About Us

Hangzhou Dro Textile Co., Ltd. is a leading textile corporate integrating with production and trade. We have an experienced & skilled business team. We have over 5,500 types of pattern available for customers to choose dyed & printed patterns from and the amount of pattern is growing at a stead rate of 15 % annually. With our outstanding quality and high efficiency, also the strong capability to customize as per customer need.It has a wealth of experience in the export trade of fabric and has a good reputation in the industry.


We customize a variety of products in accordance with the requirements of different customers.Our products are marked with such features as waterproofness, fire prevention, and water vapor permeability, ventilation, and are anti-static, anti-static, and anti-ultraviolet. With a wide range of applications, our products can be made into awnings, boat covers, sun umbrellas, garden furniture,tents and bags.



Outstanding Color Fastness

Strong color fastness to weathering . Some fabrics if exposed to sunlight for an extended period will fade or lose their intensity of color.

Wide Range of Color & Designs

DRO provides choices.Every individual may have difterent taste and difterent color preferences . Therefore , wide variety of designs and colors are launched o the market to suit your needs.

Excellent Weatherability

Resistant to uv damage and fading.DRO applies excellent ultraviolet blocking agents which protect polymer backbone of the fabric from the effect of uv radiation.Perfect for all outdoor applications . Therefore as an outdoor fabric , DRO is proven to have a strong ability to withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight , wind , rain and humidity . It is long lasting.